Why Us

Nabil Invest is one of the leading investment banking companies in Nepal, offering a wide-range of services to suit your requirement. Nabil Invest takes “One firm” approach to deliver intellectual advisory services and integrity to all our clients. Our investment management division is the fore-front of our company and our investment products are designed not only to address and accommodate individual clients return and risk objective but also institutional clients liquidity, regulatory and other constraints. We provide asset management services across all major asset classes available locally like equities; mutual funds fixed income securities and also provide advisory services on other asset classes. Our services can be customized to suit investors specific needs as we work our best to provide our clients a customized relationship to best accommodate their investment goals.

We are ethically committed to priotise our clients' interests. The ethical standards we follow are the foundation of our business as we work with the clients to understand their financial standing.

As a licensed merchant banker from SEBON, we provide a broad array of merchant banking services such public offers management, underwriting of public offers, portfolio management to individual & institutional clients, Registrar & Transfer agent related services, Fund Management & Depository related services under Mutual Funds, Depository Participant related services under Central Depository System and also corporate advisory related services to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate defense activities, restructurings, spin-offs and risk management including facilitation of local and cross-border transactions.