Wealth Management

Nabil Invest is one of the few investment banks in Nepal licensed to provide Wealth Management Advisory Services. Under these categories we provide two different categories of services, namely

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Assets Management Services

Private Wealth Management:-

Under private Wealth Management we create clients Investment Policy Statement with the objective to enhance his/her financial situation and achieving his/her short-, medium- and long-term financial goals with the help of a financial adviser. From the private financial adviser's perspective, private wealth management is the practice of delivering a full range of financial products and services to an affluent clientele as a financial consultant so that the clientele can achieve specific financial goals.

For this process,

  • One of our highly experienced managers sits down with the private individual and goes over the financial goals of the client and drafts his IPS.
  • Subsequently, the manager puts together an investment strategy to achieve the said goals.
  • After an agreement is reached between the client and his wealth manager, the manager manages the clients’ money and invests in investment products that make sense to the client.

Assets Management.

With a highly experienced global network of investment professionals, Nabil Investment Banking creates a strategic advantage for clients through first-class investment opportunities. Deep local insights, internationally experienced and highly qualified professional manpower within Nabil Invest help reveal opportunities that generate alpha, manage risk, diversify returns or meet future liabilities.

For each asset class and investment market, our research-driven, transparent processes, developed over many years, exploit inefficiencies and systematically add value for our clients. We further help our clients manage their business investments and raise funds via loans and equity from private placements as well as primary markets if required.