PE / VC / Hedge Fund Advisory

Nabil Invest is a licensed Institution by SEBON to offer PE/VC Advisory Services. We advice early growth and growing companies for securing funds for their capital expansion and other business needs. Moreover, as a merchant banker licensed by SEBON, we even facilitate equity pricing of companies as well as help them raise equity capital via issuing shares in primary markets.

Our service in PE/VC encompasses the following process.

  • In depth study of the business, its process, products, life cycle and financial statements.
  • Review the business plan of the company.
  • Facilitate debt raising / debt syndication and equity financing via private placement as well as primary markets at later stages.
  • Facilitate discussion between investors and business owners.
  • Representing the company before equity investors and assisting the company in negotiating and finalizing the Term Sheet (covenants) for their Investment.
  • Assisting in repatriation of FDIs.