Our Story

Our Strengths

After operating for more than 12 years Nabil Investment has established itself as a strong leader in the Investment Banking and Merchant Banking industry of Nepal. Among our various strengths, we believe the following are our most valuable assets:


Our people are our greatest assets as they drive our growth and success with their expertise and knowledge, and ensure the company maintains its drive of placing clients above itself.

Our clients are given personalized services in areas such as PMS through appointment of specific Relationship Managers, while services under DP and RTS are given with customer service as the core focus.

Our focus is to ensure retention of existing staff through competitive packages to ensure they are motivated to serve better.

Performance Driven

We are one of the leading Investment Banks in the country, and are driven by generating good & stable returns for our customers. We have been rendering professional merchant banking services while our mutual funds schemes have consistently provided good returns to its unit holders.

We regularly review our products in line with market expectations to ensure they continue to meet our customers' needs.

In-Depth Market Data & Analysis

The data and information we have from our expert research team is the heart of Nabil Investment. It gives us clear facts to ensure our clients achieve their goals through informed decision-making.

Active Management

We are consistently active and never rest on our laurels; we are always striving to be better and do better.


We stand by our principles and always act with integrity.