NI Satellite PMS

This is one of a kind portfolio management service, introduced by NI for the first time in the Nepalese capital market. The product is “Pay when we perform” type particularly designed to cut out any unnecessary fees and charges and provide headache free investments for clients.


Salient Features of the Product:

  1. Minimum investments of Rs. 25 lakhs, with the option for clients to furnish only cash, only stock or a combination of both worth Rs. 25 lakhs at the date of enrollment.
  2. Zero Annual Maintenance Fee.
  3. 20% performance fee, charges are levied only when any profits are realized on the principle amount by the client.
  4. No fixed lock in timeframe, clients can choose time to withdraw their current position at any 3-month settlement period.

Unlike other PMS product NI Satellite PMS has no exit load meaning there is no charge for coming out from the investment