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Nepse closes at 1339.65 points

The domestic share market recorded total turnover of one billion 81 million 941 thousand rupees this week. According to the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited, a total of 2,329,440 units of share were traded in this week, which is less than 45.96 percent compared to the previous week. 

Last week, 4,812,770 units of share of 181 companies were traded and the turnover was Rs 2,000,019,000. 

This week, the share market closed at 1339.65 points with an increase by 1.48 points compared to the opening day. The sensitive index that is used to measure the share values of ‘A’ class companies witnessed an increase by 0.12 points than in the opening day while reaching the final day of the week to close at 282.30 points. 

The Siddhartha Bank Limited celebrated the first position in terms of the traded share prices.

The bank recorded the trading of share worth Rs 70,180,000. On the basis of a number of traded share units also, the bank is in the forefront with 219,000 units of traded share. 
Nepse normally remains open for five days in a week from Sunday to Thursday. 

Source: My Republica