Merchant Banking

Merchant banking is a professional service that merchant banks provide to their customers in consideration of their financial needs in exchange for a fee. Merchant Banks conduct fundraising, financial advising, and loan services to large corporations.

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Service provided by Nabil Invest as a merchant banker

Depository Participants (DP)

A depository participant (DP) is the intermediary between the depositary system and investors who held securities. DP play a crucial role in linking investors with depositories.

Registrar to Shares (RTS)

RTS service provider offers services to shareholders of institutional clients to receive dividends, share certificates, transferred shares, and other related services on time.

Issue Management

Issue management refers to the process of effectively marketing business securities such as equity shares, preference shares, debentures, and bonds to the general public. Merchant banks serve as an intermediary, transferring capital from those who own it to those who require it.


Underwriting refers to raising the equity and Debt capital of the firms. Underwriters act as intermediaries between issuers and investors, providing efficient capital. The underwriters take the risk that they will be able to resell the securities at a profit.