One Payment,
Lasts for a

For the first time in Nepal!

Introducing Lifetime Demat & Meroshare Account... when you subscribe to this unique product, we will cover the renewal expenses for both Demat and Meroshare Accounts for your entire lifetime!

Find out how you can save Rs. 4,728!

Annual Meroshare Renewal Charge Rs. 50
Annual Demat Account Renewal Charge Rs. 100
Total Annual Renewal Charges Rs. 150
Average age of Investor Entry 25 years
Average Lifespan of a Nepali 70 years
Average No. of Active Investment 45 years
Total Cost of Annual Renewal Charges Rs. 6,750
Price of Lifetime Demat & Meroshare Account Rs. 2,022

Your Savings = Rs. 4,728

What is a Demat Account?

Demat Account is an account where the records of your investments in stock markets are kept. This account holds details of all your stock purchases (either from IPO, FPO or secondary purchases), mutual funds and other stock market products like debentures.

What is a Meroshare Account?

Meroshare Account is an information portal to your connected Demat Account. It shows all the stock records and transactions from a linked Demat Account. You can also apply for new issues (IPO, FPO) of new stocks, mutual funds or debentures from a Meroshare Account.

Because of this, a Meroshare account not only needs to be linked with a Demat Account, but also with your C-ASBA bank account.

Don’t let your investment decisions wait

We understand the frustrations that you could have when you are not able to trade to meet your certain investment objectives just because of an unpaid Demat or a Meroshare Account.

Leave the worry to us!

We will renew your Demat Account at the beginning of each Fiscal Year (before it is due) and renew your Meroshare Account 15 days before the Meroshare expiry.

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How to open a Lifetime Demat & Meroshare Account?


Fill up the online Demat Account opening form (or visit our office or any Nabil Bank branch & fill up the Demat Account Form)


Fill up the Lifetime Account Agreement form (or at any of our branches)


Pay a one-time fee of Rs. 2022


You are done!