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Corporate Advisory Services

Nabil Invest under its Corporate Advisory Service License (issued by SEBON) provides research based corporate advisory services. Clients choose Nabil Invest for deep insights for solving complex business problems with tailored solutions.

Advisory & Consulting Services

Establishing new business ventures or streamlining operations of a running company requires macro-economic perspectives and industry insights for informed decision making. Our consulting services equip our clients with tools to shape their strategies for better results. Our product portfolio comprises of:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Market Assessment & Feasibility Report
  • Techno–commercial Report
  • Business Clinic
  • FDI Advisory

Financial Modeling

Accessing finance requires a whole gamut of financial documents reflecting avenues of business prospects, transfer of subjective analysis into mathematical models. Our in-house expertise will help the clients to develop the required documents with real world projections.

  • Business & Equity Valuation
  • Financial Projection
  • Revenue and Expense Modeling
  • Share Loan Financing Framework

Fund Raising

Access to finance is important for businesses irrespective of their operational size and vintage. Our deep networks with BFIs, HNIs and corporates assist us to finance our clients’ business needs through:

  • Equity Raising
  • Debt Raising
  • Loan Syndication
  • Escrow Agency

Our Values


Effective Communication

Expectation Management

Time Bound Delivery

Business Plan Development

We provide end to end business plan development for a business at various stages of the business life cycle. By assessing business objectives, we plan a wholesome approach backed by cutting edge insights and analysis to recommend top management on investment decisions. Our plans are designed to solve problems.

Market Assessment & Feasibility Report

Nabil Invest conducts market assessment, project feasibility, in depth industry analysis, comset analysis of different businesses as per the customized need of the clients.

Techno Commercial Report

This report addresses technical and commercial viability of undertaking certain investment decisions. Particularly suited for long term investment that requires a large sum of capital, such reports are available by demand for institutions and corporations for diverse fields such as construction, real estate, insurance, commodity market, precious metals etc. to gauge the effectiveness of venturing out in such sectors.

Business Clinic

Business clinic at NI is a platform for people to discuss anything financial, problems associated with it and the probable solutions. Business clinic helps SME, Entrepreneur and Corporates to discuss various aspects of their business. This platform allows open session discussion with our experts to select appropriate products for our clients. The service is available regularly every Sunday through Friday.

FDI Advisory

We support foreign investment and assist FDI inflows in Nepal. From market research for identifying sector specific investment, negotiation and registering with government agencies, incorporation of companies to repatriation of profits and royalties we look after all your needs. We even provide fund raising and merchant banking support such as public issue of shares.

Business and Equity Valuation

At NI we do Business valuations as well as equity valuations to provide insights for our clientele to take investment decisions. Industry specific valuation models are developed to conduct valuation within international standards. Valuation is crucial for buy or sell decision.

Financial Projections

Under a team of financial experts, Nabil Invest conducts financial projections and series-based investment planning for start-ups, early growth companies and even established organizations based on the assumptions that are very close to real world situations.

Revenue and Expense Modeling

Financing can be the most challenging part of operating a business due to the uncertainty involved in allocating cost and predicting revenues. We provide an easy-to-understand revenue and expense model by taking into consideration numerous factors that affect the operation of the selected business.

Share Loan Financing Framework

Prepared for BFI’s that have margin lending products, our comprehensive framework is designed to evaluate the changing capital market circumstances and provide grading of listed companies, intrinsic valuation of listed companies, band assignment to sectors, and such analytical information essential for financial institutions to extend their credit line.

Equity Raising

Under a team of financial experts NI specializes in raising equity from angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. Whether it be seed capital, or capital required for various business objectives, we raise capital through capital scheduling and make sure your business is never short of financial needs.

Debt Raising

Our extensive connection with the financial market allows us to raise debts for our clients with NI acting as the client’s agent. We prepare the necessary documents and complete the banking process in no time, our connection allows us to provide the best rates for our clients.

Loan Syndication

Designed for large scale projects, where many lenders participate in a capital-intensive venture. Nabil Invest on behalf of the client will contribute by identifying, structuring, documenting, and coordinating with the prospective participants from the initial phase of financing till commitment letter and consortium agreement is signed.

Escrow Agency

Nabil Invest holds the property in trust for third parties while a transaction is finalized, or a disagreement is resolved.

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