Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

PMS allows for clients to entrust their savings to Nabil Investment for investment and there are a variety of products within the PMS service based on the risk appetite of the client.

Nabil Investment has an Asset under Management (AUM) around NPR 1.1 Billion which is the highest among all local PMS service providers. We also regularly offer discounts on fees at certain occasions.

Nabil Investment also has an annual growth rate in portfolio value of 25%.

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How do we make Investment Decisions?

  1. Investment identification by Research Team
  2. Research report evaluation and verification by Research Head
  3. Verification of research report by Investment Banking Head
  4. Investment selection by RM’s as per Client’s risk/return profile
  5. Verification of investment appropriateness as per client risk/ return profile by Investment Banking Head
  6. Investment recommendation to CEO by investment banking head
  7. Approval
  8. Execution

How does PMS work?

  1. Designation of staff for a client
  2. Review client’s investment objectives and expectations
  3. Determine risk tolerance
  4. Identify and recommend PMS product for the client
  5. Create administrative platform to manage portfolio
  6. Manage Portfolio as per Client’s Goal
  7. Reporting and Online Portal to client to review their portfolio

Why PMS with Nabil Investment?

Leading licensed Portfolio Manager

Large Chunk of AUM

Proven Track Record of Attractive Return

Personalized Service & Genuine Client Care

Continuous In-depth Analysis

Technologically Advanced

Fair Treatment to all Clients

Accounting Transparency

Highly Qualified Team with Strong Performance Track Record

Economies of Scale

Full Administrative Services

The PMS Process

Before the Core Service

  • Inform the customer about the product, features, strengths
  • Handover Product Document to the customer

Delivery of the Core Product

  • Signing the PMS Agreement, Application form
  • Handling Customer Queries
  • Delivery of Receipt to the customer

After Core Product

  • Regular updates to the client
  • Customer complaints
  • Getting references

Investment Grading

Parameters Weight
Financial Ratios 45%
Market Correlation 5%
Trading Data 10%
Quality of Management 15%
Promoter's Background & Profile 10%
Industry Specific Parameter 15%
Total Score 100%
Parameters Weight
Related Industry Experience 20%
Academic Qualification 20%
Performance in Prior Companies 20%
Job Consistency 20%
Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism 20%
Nabil Investment offers the following Portfolio Management Services:

NI Discretionary PMS

Under Discretionary PMS, Nabil Investment conducts all the required research, and makes the investment decisions. Clients are provided with monthly and quarterly updates accordingly.

NI Non-Discretionary PMS

Under Discretionary PMS, Nabil Investment conducts all the required research, and makes the investment decisions. Clients are provided with monthly and quarterly updates accordingly.

NI Portfolio Advisory Services

One Time Advisory

The service is provided on a one-off basis depending on the need of the client.

Ongoing Advisory

The service is provided to the client on an ongoing basis, with required market information forwarded to the client regularly in the form of reports and specific sector-related reports from time to time. The client provides their risk profile and other specific areas where they are looking for advice, and the advisor provides the advice report to the client, covering specific client requirements.

NI Administrative Services

Portfolio Administrative Services will provide the client with back-office administrative and clerical assistance for portfolios that the client maintains and operates.

Disclaimer: All products under Portfolio Management Services are subject to market risk. Investors are
advised to read all related documents on the subject before taking any investment decision.