Nabil Balanced Fund- III (NBF3)

Nature of the Scheme Close-end Scheme
Fund Name Nabil Mutual Fund
Scheme Name Nabil Balanced Fund - III
Fund Manager Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.
Depository Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.
Fund Sponsor Nabil Bank Limited
Investment Objective To generate optimum returns minimizing market risk by investing in a mix of securities comprising of equity and fixed income instruments as allowed by prevailing rules/regulations on mutual fund
Number of Units 125,000,000 units
Price per Unit NPR 10.00
Capital Amount NPR 1,250,000,000.00
Seed Capital (Sponsor) NPR 175,000,000.00
Seed Capital (Fund Manager) NPR 12,500,000.00
Allotment Date 2078-06-07 B.S (23-09-2021 A.D)
Maturity Date 2088-06-06 B.S (22-09-2031 A.D) (10 Years)
Dividend Payout Strategy Dividend will be paid out of realized profits in proportion to investments made, retained earnings, if any, will be reinvested
Listing The Units will be listed in Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) for trading till maturity
Stock Symbol NBF3
Fund Management Fees 1.5% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
Depository Fees 0.2% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
Fund Supervisors Fees NPR 20,000 per meeting, per supervisor
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