Mutual Funds

Nabil Mutual Fund is registered by Nabil Bank Ltd. with Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) on 2068-10-18 B.S (01-02-2012 A.D) with the objective of introducing various schemes in the Nepalese Capital Market as per Mutual Fund Regulations, 2067 B.S (2010 A.D).

Nabil Mutual Fund is sponsored by Nabil Bank Ltd (Nabil). Nabil is one of the largest commercial bank promoted by Private Sector in Nepal. Nabil commenced its operation in July 1984 A.D as a first foreign joint venture Bank. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through its large number of branches, ATMs and global service network of correspondent banks across the globe.

Nabil Mutual Fund is supervised by a panel of eight distinguished personalities of the country with proven track record in their respective fields.

Nabil Mutual Fund is managed by Nabil Investment Banking Ltd. (Nabil Invest). Nabil Invest, a subsidiary Company of Nabil Bank Ltd. is a pioneer Investment and Merchant Bank of Nepal incorporated under Company Act, 2063 B.S (2006 A.D). Nabil Invest is also acting as a Depository of Nabil Mutual Fund.

The schemes under Nabil Mutual Fund so far are as follows::

Closed-ended Mutual Fund Schemes

Open-ended Mutual Fund Schemes

Disclaimer: Despite true diversification and professional management, no mutual fund is 100% safe as they are market linked instruments and are subject to market volatility.