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Our Corporate Advisory services focuses on helping clients grow their businesses through strategically tailored financial solutions. These product specific solutions are aligned to meet the financial and enterprise goals of our clients and include the following:

  • Advisory & Consulting Services
  • Financial Modeling Services
  • Fundraising Services

Corporate Advisory Services (CAS)

Financial Analysis Services

Establishing new business ventures or streamlining operations of a running company requires macro-economic perspectives and industry insights for informed decision making.

Our consulting services can equip you with tools to shape your strategies for better results.

Market Research & Feasibility Report

Nabil Investment conducts market assessment, project feasibility, in depth industry analysis, comset analysis of different businesses as per the customized need of the clients.

Financial Projections

Under a team of financial experts, Nabil Invest conducts financial projections and series-based investment planning for start-ups, early growth companies and even established organizations based on the assumptions that are very close to real world situations.

Business Plan Development

We provide end to end business plan development for a business at various stages of the business life cycle. By assessing business objectives, we plan a wholesome approach backed by cutting edge insights and analysis to recommend top management on investment decisions. Our plans are designed to solve problems.

Business and Equity Valuation

At NI we do Business valuations as well as equity valuations to provide insights for our clientele to take investment decisions. Industry specific valuation models are developed to conduct valuation within international standards. Valuation is crucial for buy or sell decision.

Pitch Deck Preparation

Raising equity investments for early growth companies and start-ups is an important advisory service we provide. For this, we work closely with our clients to prepare professional, to-the-point, pitch decks encompassing all relevant business details that will help investors form objective decisions on the scope of investment.

The categorical touch points that we usually incorporate in the pitch decks broadly encapsulates product-market fit, revenue models, cost drivers, strategic growth plans, financial metrics, the management team, the funding requirement and the use of raised proceeds. If and when required, we pitch the business to potential investors with support from the businesses.

Fund Management Services

Accessing finance requires a whole gamut of financial documents reflecting avenues of business prospects, transfer of subjective analysis into mathematical models.

Our in-house expertise will help you to develop the required documents with real world projections.

Private Placement and Equity Raising

Under a team of financial experts NI specializes in raising equity from angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. Whether it be seed capital, or capital required for various business objectives, we raise capital through capital scheduling and make sure your business is never short of financial needs.

Loan Syndication

Designed for large scale projects, where many lenders participate in a capital-intensive venture. Nabil Invest on behalf of the client will contribute by identifying, structuring, documenting, and coordinating with the prospective participants from the initial phase of financing till commitment letter and consortium agreement is signed.

Debt Raising

Our extensive connection with the financial market allows us to raise debts for our clients with NI acting as the client’s agent. We prepare the necessary documents and complete the banking process in no time, our connection allows us to provide the best rates for our clients.

Escrow Agency

Private placement, equity raising, firm buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, FDI and other transactions of similar nature necessitate custodianship of funds by a third party service provider under contractual agreements. We are comfortably positioned in the Nepalese capital market as a trusted organization rendering escrow agency services to banks, corporates, institutions and retail investors as per transactional needs of the concerned parties.

Wealth Management

Clients are in constant look-out to invest in prospects that is unconventional and can create wealth in the long term. With this perspective, we are helping our clients to explore investment opportunities in non-listed private companies that have potential for growth and profitability. We share information on new and existing business opportunities to clients based on their investment needs and risk appetite. For this, we conduct general presentations on businesses that are seeking equity investments.

Corporate Consulting

Access to finance is important for businesses irrespective of their operational size and vintage.

Our deep networks with BFIs, HNIs and corporates assist us to finance our clients’ business needs through:

Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Report

This report addresses technical and commercial viability of undertaking certain investment decisions. Particularly suited for long term investment that requires a large sum of capital, such reports are available by demand for institutions and corporations for diverse fields such as construction, real estate, insurance, commodity market, precious metals etc. to gauge the effectiveness of venturing out in such sectors.

Share Loan Financing Framework

Prepared for BFI’s that have margin lending products, our comprehensive framework is designed to evaluate the changing capital market circumstances and provide grading of listed companies, intrinsic valuation of listed companies, band assignment to sectors, and such analytical information essential for financial institutions to extend their credit line.

ESG Framework Development

We are dedicated towards supporting an enabling environment for Nepali businesses to create and deliver sustainable returns and value to its shareholders and stakeholders. Our work with ICIMOD on developing a Return on Investment Framework for MSMEs with focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) propositions has led us to work on developing this framework. Since our markets haven’t matured in comparison to other South Asian markets, our emphasis will be on assessment of basic ESG fulfillment by businesses that would directly and indirectly contribute to Sustainable Development Goals, reduction in carbon emissions and GHG, diversity and inclusion, representation of women in decision-making roles, equal pay for equal work and many other criteria.

The framework will be a living document open to continuous improvements as our business environment evolves. The framework is intended to be put to exercise for internal use in our Private Equity investee companies as well as for advisory services to external parties.

Consultancy Services for Development Agencies

Our strategic goal is to develop endearing relationships with Development Agencies that mobilize resources on entrepreneurship development, MSMEs growth and access to finance. We have provided extensive financial consultancy and research services to ICIMOD. And, we strive to explore advisory alignment with other organizations to help bridge the existing financing gap faced by MSMEs and provide business development services focused towards enabling MSMEs improve the overall business performance.

Organizational Restructuring (Retainer’s Services)

We constantly engage with small businesses that require guidance in terms of financial management, operations and strategic planning on a regular basis. We deploy our in- house resource to those firms needing a dedicated personnel contributing to company’s business performance for a fixed tenure. This will add value to specific operational requirements until a more permanent solution is introduced.

PE/VC/Hedge Fund Advisory

Nabil Invest will be at the forefront of promoting alternative investment fund management via SEBON’s Specialized Investment Fund Regulation, 2019. As a licensed institution to conduct private equity operations, our expertise and efforts will largely be directed towards helping MSMEs transition to investment ready companies for private equity funds. The services that we will readily facilitate to help identify MSMEs as investment ready for our private equity division will encapsulate business valuation services, pitch deck preparations, and equity raising.

Nabil Invest Academy

Our rich experience in the Nepalese capital market is being effectively channeled to deliver E-learning Courses on Capital Market & Investment Banking to students, professionals, aspiring investment management professionals, and capital market enthusiasts.

The academy’s digital efforts will be complemented by face-to-face capital market related trainings for students. For this, we will work towards developing strategic relationships with local colleges and universities.

Our in-house experts provide in-depth and practical approach to courses on Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Commodity and Derivatives. We will further leverage our advisory exposure to develop cum deliver courses on business-equity valuation useful for deal structuring in Mergers and Acquisitions and Private Equity.

FDI Advisory

Our strong presence in the domestic banking and financial industry gets a huge boost from our recently developed networks with foreign investment banks, investment funds, development finance institutions and private commercial lenders. We proactively work towards mediating and managing external commercial borrowing requirement for local commercial and development banks.

Project financing for large infrastructure projects via foreign direct investments also falls within FDI advisory efforts. Our in-house competencies coupled with our association with experienced legal counsel will work towards facilitating end-to-end documentation services as prescribed by various departments, ministries, central banks and other concerned regulatory authority.

Business Clinic

Business clinic at NI is a platform for people to discuss anything financial, problems associated with it and the probable solutions. Business clinic helps SME, Entrepreneur and Corporates to discuss various aspects of their business. This platform allows open session discussion with our experts to select appropriate products for our clients. The service is available regularly every Sunday through Friday.

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