Investment Banking

Investment Banking is tasked primarily with raising capital, managing assets of organizations and individuals, and providing financial consultancy services. Our investment decisions are based on analytical recommendations from the research unit. 

In particular NI acts as an intermediary between investors and corporations.

Financial Experts from NI are adept at managing the expectation and resources of clients. We have four distinct verticals under Investment Banking.


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Mutual Funds

A Mutual fund is a financial vehicle comprising of many investors and managed professionally by a mutual fund operator.

Mutual Funds are considered a relatively secure form of investment as they are diversified and managed by experts. The money collected from investors is invested on shares, fixed deposits, government securities, and bonds.

Recent funds currently under management:

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Among the various offerings within the broad Investment Banking division, Portfolio Management Service is the most popular one.

PMS allows for clients to entrust their savings to NI for investment and there are a variety of products within the PMS service based on the risk appetite of the client.

NI has the highest Asset under Management (AUM) among all the PMS service providers in the market. We also regularly offer discounts on fees at certain occasions.

Recent PMS packages currently offered:

Corporate Advisory Service (CAS)

CAS is the financial advisory branch of Investment Banking and is geared towards providing appropriate consulting services such as during mergers and acquisitions, to making business plans or doing feasibility studies for proposed projects.

CAS also provides valuation and financial modelling services to businesses having different objectives. This line of Investment Banking is ever expanding and has recently made a foray into green financing.

Specialized Investment Fund (SIF)

SIF is the latest addition to the Investment Banking vertical.

SIF helps with raising alternate forms of investment to debt through equity investment, particularly investment on Private equity and Venture capital.

Early growth companies can take advantage of SIF to build on their foundation, and NI facilitates series-based investment for startups with the aim of taking them public.

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