Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

PMS is service offered to clients where investments are managed by experts to meet client’s financial goals.

Anyone having a legitimate source of income can invest in PMS.i.e. Individual, Institution, NRN etc.

Professional and Proactive Management

Highly customised / Tailor made investment ideas

Hassle-free operations

Expertise financial advisory


Strong risk Management

Expert Portfolio Managers

Superior returns

Broadly, PMS provides 2 types of services: 

Discretionary PMS, the clients provide Nabil Investment the power of attorney to transact on their portfolio maintained with Nabil Investment.

Non-Discretionary PMS, Nabil Investment using its research provides buy/sell recommendations to clients for them to take their calls.

Designate staff for a client

Review client’s investment objective and risk appetite

Identify and recommend PMS product for the client

Create Administrative platform to manage Portfolio

Manage portfolio as per client’s goals

Reporting and Online Portal to client to review their portfolio

Returns are not guaranteed. We will not bear loss and capital safeguarding is not guaranteed.

As per the Portfolio Management Guidelines, 2067 (2010 A.D.) NRN’s can invest only in the secondary market of Nepal.

Clients have to provide a photocopy of their citizenship, 5 photographs, photocopy of their PAN card (for above 10 lakhs) and com. In addition, clients are required to fill our PMS form.

Clients will be provided with an Online Portal to review their portfolio. Further, Relation Managers (RM) will also provide reports about their portfolio status quarterly.

The minimum investment required for PMS is 5,00,000.00 (Five Lakhs Only) and the minimum contract period is 2 years depending on a product.

Yes, the profit can be withdrawn at intervals with the consent of the Portfolio Manager.

After the agreement, the Relationship Manager will be assigned to the clients for managing their portfolio.

A Portfolio Manager is a body corporate, which, pursuant to a contract with a client, advises or directs or undertakes on behalf of the client (whether as a discretionary Portfolio Manager or otherwise) the management or administration of a portfolio of securities or funds of the client.

As there will be various transactions made by the Portfolio managers on behalf of the client, the Portfolio Manager will remain the signatory on their behalf for the contract period to eliminate daily hassles.

No, they are not the same.

The Agreement can be renewed after the maturity period or the client can take back their assets after the closure of portfolio and payment of performance fees, if there are any.

An investor can have multiple portfolio accounts with the Portfolio Manager. However, each PMS account will be separately categorised and will have no interlink with the other account.

If the client wants to exit before maturity, an exit load of 3% will be levied to the client.

After maturity, the client can either take their shares as it is or portfolio managers will liquidate his/her shares calculating their value on that day.

Portfolio manager will charge Annual Management Fee and Performance fee each year. The portfolio manager shall charge a fee as per the agreement with the client for rendering portfolio management services which differs as per products and asset value.

AMC is charged in the beginning of each year after the agreement and performance fee is calculated at the end of each year calculating the profit gained after deducting the hurdle rate (8%) as per the agreement.

A hurdle rate is the minimum rate of return on a project or investment required by a manager or investor. In Nepal hurdle rate is the same as per government securities rate i.e. 8%.

Nabil Investment is one of the leading investment banking companies in Nepal. We have a history of highest profit return from the portfolio. And we believe in not only giving profits to the clients but also providing financial literacy via Business Clinic.

Clients can directly contact their assigned relationship manager (RM) for any queries.

Yes, we will create a new demat account for the client once he/she enrolled in PMS. 

Investors may send their complaints directly to the company via call or mail or can come directly.

Clients can invest in funds through cheque/IPS as well as directly transferring the existing stock in a PMS account. We do not accept cash.

In PMS, the portfolio is managed by a team of expertise i.e. relationship manager, trade analyst and research analyst. Whereas in broker securities, they only execute the buy, sell order of the client’s portfolio.

Yes, you can bring additional funds during PMS tenure.

Yes, you can open single PMS for all family members.

Right/Auction shares shall be applied by us whereas IPO shall be applied as per client discretion.

No, you don’t need to pay any extra charges on profit withdrawal.

The statement will be provided upon request.

No, you don’t need to visit our office for the renewal. Any modes of written communication are accepted for renewal via email, message, messenger etc.

Only a client mandate is enough.