Log in to www.nabilinvest.com.np. For more information regarding step by step process please watch the tutorial video https://nabilinvest.com.np/lp/online-demat/#open-demat
You can simply log into www.nabilinvest.com.np or click the link https://onlinedemat.nabilinvest.com.np/Payment/DematRenew.

If all the information and uploaded documents are correctly filled as per your citizenship document. It will take 1-2 working days to open the Demat account.

You can reset the password of Meroshare with the following steps:
  1. Please login at https://meroshare.cdsc.com.np/#/login
  2. Click on option- Forget your Password?
  3. Please enter DP ID, Client ID in Username, registered email address in MEROSHARE and Date of Birth and send.
* Note: Please check the new password in spam/junk mails too.

CRN will be provided by the bank where you have maintained your savings account. Firstly, you have to fill up the CRN application form and submit it to the nearest branch of the bank.

Yes, you can open your Demat account via Online Application. Please refer this link https://nabilinvest.com.np/lp/online-demat/#open-demat to get full information regarding Online Demat Opening.
In that case, please write an email at demat@nabilinvest.com.np with your reference ID/Demat number with your email address and our DP team will assist further.

You have to visit the corporate office of Nabil Investment Banking Ltd. or the nearest branch of Nabil Bank with your citizenship.

Once the Demat account is opened after the verification process, your Mero Share username and password will be sent to your email.

After you submit your online application, a confirmation email will be sent stating “Your Demat and Mero Share Account has been successfully created”.

Rejection mail with reason will be sent in your email address.