Corporate Advisory Services (CAS)

Corporate Advisory Service provides tailored financial solutions to individuals and enterprises having various business and financial goals.

  • Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Early Growth Companies
  • Corporates
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Not for Profit Organizations

No two services are the same, though they could be similar, we provide services suited to the specific requirements of the client. Throughout the service delivery we are in constant communication with the client and make sure that the services are delivered by due date.

Our services can be categorized under three distinct headings:

  • Advisory and Consulting services
    • Business Plan Development
    • Market Assessment & Feasibility Report
    • Techno Commercial Report
    • Business Clinic
    • FDI Advisory
  • Financial Modeling
    • Business and Equity Valuation
    • Financial Projections
    • Revenue and Expense Modeling
    • Share Loan Financing Framework
  • Fund Raising
    • Equity Raising
    • Debt Raising
    • Loan Syndication
    • Escrow Agency

Prospective client can put up their query for CAS through various channels:

  • Nabil Investment phone: +977-1-4411604, 4411733 (Ext. 141, 111)
  • Email: marketing@nabilbinvest.com.np 
  • Visit Nabil Investment physically and enquire at the front desk.

We will get back in touch with you within 2 working days and take it from there. Before moving ahead with the project we will assess the viability through our due diligence. During the whole service delivery process, we will assign a designated staff for addressing the client’s needs. 

CAS fees are based upon the scope of the project, man hours and qty required, duration of the project, any external consultant that needs to be hired, and so forth. Our fees are designed so that CAS is accessible to all types of clients.

CAS is broadly available in the following sectors but limited to: Agriculture, Alternate Energy, Construction, Drinking Water, Education, Environment, Finance, Food & Beverage, Health, Hotel & Hospitality, Hydropower, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Tourism, Transportation, Trading, Urban Planning, Waste Management, Women Empowerment.

It is mandatory that the client and Nabil Investment sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to commencing the task at hand.

Once an agreement has been reached to provide a service under Corporate Advisory, documents from the client may be required at different phases of service delivery. Generally, company related documents such as PAN, Tax clearance, company registration is required but specifically, documents vary from service to service.

A designated CAS staff will be assigned to a project who will be responsible to update the progress to the client from time to time and also take feedback at each stage of the project.

Raising funding from a bank means putting collateral and paying monthly interest. CAS removes these impediments and allows clients to raise funds through investing partners. 

CAS facilitates debt raising rather than providing debt themselves. CAS has established ties with numerous banks and financial institutions. Raising debt through CAS means debt application is processed rather quickly and interest payable rates are slightly reduced.

Any business can make use of business valuation service while equity valuation is suitable for a business comprising two or more partners. These services help a business to find out its current market value based on various real life assumptions and tested models to ascertain future course of action.

  • Feasibility Study is carried out before deciding on going through with a business idea. This comprises assessing macro and micro perspective of running the prospective venture and other relevant information.
  • Business Plan is established after the feasibility study is carried out, Business plan entails more detailed operational aspects of the business with due consideration to short term business goals and is made for a short time duration approximately 2 yrs.

The nature of every CAS is different for different types of business and hence time duration for service delivery varies.

Loan syndication is a mechanism whereby a loan is made available for large projects where a single lender is not able to furnish the required amount due to the high risk exposure. CAS provides loan syndication by combining numerous lenders.

Yes, individuals or institutions can acquire multiple CAS.

Clients may send their complaints directly to the company via call or mail or can visit us directly.