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Central govt under double stress: Finance minister

Minister for Finance Yuba Raj Khatiwada has said that the central government is going to be under ‘double stress’ as the central government has to devolve resources as conditional grants for implementation of some projects but local level governments are not willing to construct them.  

“We have devolved down the financial resources. And they have to implement the projects at the sub-national levels. It seems that the central government would be in double stress,” said Khatiwada, addressing an event organized by the World Bank in Kathmandu on Tuesday as the keynote speaker. “Revenue is shared [with local level governments], and we have to take all the projects that we have in the central level.” 

According to Khatiwada, unwillingness from the provincial governments to take up projects from the central government could be either out of ignorance or may be out of their non-interest to implement those projects.

Source: My Republica