Business Clinic

Business Clinic at Nabil Invest aims to provide financial consultancy services to individual as well as institution. NI Business Clinic is the institutionalized platform to discuss financial affairs and to provide the financial solution to clients. Clients can discuss their financial matter with financial expert to take various financial and investment related decision. 

NI Business Clinic is the first of its kind service in the financial Market of Nepal that also helps to develop individualized financial plans for saving, retirement, investments and insurance. It consults organization or individuals to plan for their financial futures by offerings informational support and proper guidance. Working closely and confidentially with clients, a clinical team of Business Clinic offers personalized financial advices on the financial needs of specific business or individual.


The scope of NI Business Clinic is not limited to Capital market and stock investments rather it is widely open for financial consultation in areas like real estate, wealth management, systematic investment plan, personal wealth, payroll linked investment, insurance, business and startup and other areas.

Consultant at NI Business Clinic assesses short term as well as long term financial solutions to meet financial and investment objectives of the clients. Financial consultants and clients both, come up with the solution in financial planning decision for retirement, education, operational expenses, travel, fixed return instruments and investments.

Business Clinic Broadly Covers:

  • Equity consultation 
  • Portfolio Consultation 
  • Debt consultation
  • Capital structuring
  • Working capital financing consultation
  • Business restructuring
  • Business consultation 
  • Business start up consultation 
  • Assets management consultation
  • Portfolio design and portfolio consultation
  • Portfolio reshuffling 
  • Stock buy sell decision
  • Fixed return investment consultation
  • Wealth management consultation
  • Business strategy consultation
  • Marketing strategy consultation


There is a separate desk available for NI Business Clinic. Business Clinic is open to the clients every Sunday to Thursday from 3 PM to 5PM. Clients can book an appointment with consultant or financial experts on a fee.