Start your investment journey with Dhanalaxmi Portfolio Management Service

Festivals! The one time when we celebrate with our friends and family and celebrate life. It is also a time when we finally get some time off and can deliberate on our goals and dreams in life.
During the festivals like Tihar and Dashain, we get a lot of inquiries to help our potential customers meet their financial goals. In particular, customers we get at this time are either new entrants into the investment market or customers who want a more professional approach to their small – cap portfolios.
Are you someone who is also in a similar position? Nabil Investment has come up with yet another portfolio management product for you to get started on the auspicious occasion of Tihar. The product is aptly named Dhanalaxmi Portfolio Management Service.

Why is Dhanalaxmi Portfolio Management Service the best product for new entrants?

  • Low Investment Amount of NPR 3 Lakhs only.
    Most portfolio management services start at a higher investment amount (eg. NPR 9 Lakhs and above). This could be a hindrance for new investors like you who is either not sure to invest such a big amount in one go or may not have such a big amount at all.
    Hence, Dhanalaxmi Portfolio Management Service account gives you the perfect opportunity to start early and with very less risk possible. That is why, Dhanalaxmi portfolio management service is one of the best PMS accounts available for new entrants in the investment market.
  • Hurdle rate of 8 % per annum
    Hurdle rates are the minimum performance that the portfolio should show when you enter into the PMS contract with your PMS manager. While, hurdle rates do not guarantee returns, this is a minimum that your PMS manager should provide inorder for them to take any performance fee.
    At Nabil Investment, we are motivated to make sure that your portfolio grows at a much higher rate than your hurdle rate. After all, our performance and are revenue are dependent on this. 8% hurdle rate is the standard market rate with PMS and is again a good feature for you to enter into your first PMS account with us.
  • Exit Load of 3% only
    All PMS accounts have a minimum lock in periods (see below). Exit load is the percentage of fees charged if a client withdraws the investment before the lock in periods on their contract.
    At 3% this is one of the lowest in the industry and hence again a really good opportunity for you to start your first portfolio management account.
  • Minimum lock in period of 2 years only
    With only 2 years of lock-in, this is one of the best in the industry again. Minimum lock in does not imply, you will not be able to withdraw any amount within the time frame.
    If your portfolio performs exceptionally for example, our relationship managers will advise you to book and withdraw profits if you like even before the lock-in period elapses. However, the entire amount will only be able to withdrawn after the lock in period.
  • Free Silver Coin
    At Nabil Invest, we always celebrate our clients goals together. As a token of congratulations to celebrate the start of your investment journey on the auspicious occasion of Tihar, we are also giving out free silver coins (until stocks last) to all customers who signs up for the Dhanalaxmi Portfolio Management Service.

Because of the above reasons, Dhanalaxmi PMS is one the best portfolio management services for the new investors like you to invest with. That’s fine. But, what is the portfolio management service (PMS)?

What is PMS?

Portfolio Management Service is an investment management service that aims to help its clients manage their portfolio (in terms of shares, cash, deposits and other asset classes) professionally so that they meet their financial goals.

In Nepal, Portfolio Management Services are one of the most common and most sought after investment management solutions by the client. Despite being one of the most important investment management service, a lot of investors and customers are not aware of nitty – grittys of the PMS service.

Discretionary Portfolio

With Discretionary Portfolio Management, you give all rights on trading and making decisions on your behalf to Nabil Investment. Get Nabil Investment calculated returns without any hassle and thinking on your part.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio

With Non-discretionary Portfolio Management, you get control on all buy and sell decisions but leave all the hassle of trading to us. This type of investment management is best when you are already knowledgeable about investing.

To know more about Dhanalaxmi Portfolio management service, contact us at:

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Happy Investing and Happy Tihar. 🙂