Merger & Acquisition Advisory

M & A in developed economies is facilitated by an Investment Banker who wears multiple hats to carry out a successful M & A by coordinating various phases of the process. In Nepal, the role in M & A process is disjointed as different stakeholders/professionals are involved at various stages which leads to delay, miscommunication, cumbersome process and in most cases a half baked outcome. This finally may lead to an unsuccessful M & A.

As an Investment Bank, Nabil Invest offers ‘One Window’ advisory services for the entire M & A process to its institutional clients starting from finding a suitable partner to advising on HR issues post merger/acquisition. We have a team of experts to help you assist with due diligence audit, valuation, legalities, HR consulting and other services in between under the professional management of Nabil Invest.

The client can either avail the entire gamut of following M & A Advisory Services or can also avail one of the services as per its requirement:
1. Pre-merger
2. Merger
3. Post-merger.

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