Portfolio Management

Clients can delegate all their investment management related decisions to a pool of corporate finance experts of Nabil Invest who in turn will use the vast pool of industry specific data collected and analyzed by it's research unit for making investments for clients portfolio which focuses primarily on safety of principal investment along with maximization of return to Clients. Nabil Invest will arrange to render services to a wider clientele as per their risk appetite and design their portfolios accordingly. Investors can utilize their time/energy saved in the process to focus on other more critical facets of life.

Portfolio Management Services will be rendered primarily under four heads :


1. Discretionary Portfolio Management Service


A. NI Value Growth (Equity) Portfolio:
Equity investment has become a more involved activity. It calls for awareness and understanding of the business and economic variables that affect equity valuations. This product offers a diversified investment portfolio across large cap, mid cap and small cap equity and equity related (Convertible Preferred stocks and bonds) instruments across multiple sectors. This option follows an aggressive approach to portfolio construction with focus on both higher dividend yield and capital appreciation.This product focuses on companies that offer sustainable long-term business growth and are available at a reasonable discount to their intrinsic value.


B. NI Blended Portfolio
The Portfolio Manager would endeavor to generate on a consistent basis superior risk adjusted returns and capital appreciation by taking an active view on the markets in terms of interest rate movements or any other factor that may affect it. This Product / Option would have the flexibility to invest in combination of fixed income securities (Bonds and Fixed Deposits) and Equity securities.



C. NI Capital and Returns Guaranteed Portfolio
This portfolio seeks to protect 100% of the capital invested by the client irrespective of the direction of financial markets and also endeavors to generate capital appreciation by investing a part of portfolio in equity/equity related securities while attempting to protect the downside by investing in debt/money market instruments/ Bank Fixed Deposits or Debt Schemes of Mutual Funds. The exposure to debt will be dynamically rebalanced in an attempt to provide downside protection while at the same time maximizing equity exposure within defined protection levels.



D. NI Customized Portfolio Management Service
The Customized Portfolio Management Service is a progressive approach to investing where portfolios are designed to genuinely meet your specific investment needs. We listen closely to you to understand exactly what you are hoping to achieve and the level of risk that you are prepared to accept to meet those goals. Through working with you, we develop a detailed understanding of you, your tolerance to risk and your investment time horizon. We then recommend a solution designed to match your goals and changing circumstances. Your selected portfolio aims to maximize the returns achievable within your chosen risk profile. Regular portfolio reviews are undertaken to adjust and adapt the portfolio objectives to your needs. The service uses customized benchmarks, rather than standard industry benchmarks. Therefore, we have the freedom (where appropriate), to invest in a wider range of investment instruments. The customized Portfolio Management Service is offered to customers with investments from Rs.1.00 Million.



2. NI Non Discretionary Portfolio Management Service
Money Management is a complex process which requires an in-depth involvement of the investor. Moreover, to be able to invest in profitable avenues, one requires having access to every minute-information of the market. It also takes a lot of analysis to make an efficient and high-return portfolio. Nabil Invest Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service (NI Non Discretionary PMS) is a consultative and transparent method of investing where the client will have absolute discretion to execute their own investment decision. At the same time, the client will have the benefit to tailor their own portfolio which is backed by an expert opinion and research made by the Nabil Invest team. The Client will also have their administrative functions completed by Nabil Invest. All their entitlement resulting from the equity ownership will be collected by NI leaving the client with no worries of missing Right shares, Dividends and Bonus Collection. NI Non-Discretionary PMS provides flexibility through a wide array of investment options, combining advisory services with all custodial/transaction (administrative) functions.



3. Advisory Services
Money Management is a complex process which requires an in-depth involvement of the investor. Moreover, to be able to invest in profitable avenues, you requireaccess to updated information in the investment market. It also takes a lot of analysis to make an efficient and high-return portfolio. Portfolio Advisory Services provides information that will help the client make an informed decision regarding their portfolio. Nabil Invest will use both fundamental and technical analysis tools to recommend buy/sell decision to the client. Nabil Invest with its pool of experts, historic and current market information and financial tools is better poised to provide informed decision regarding securities and fixed income instruments.



4. Administrative Services
Portfolio Administrative Services shall provide Client with back office clerical assistance for already existing portfolio.


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