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2017-04-28 NRB can fix bank chairman, CEO’s term: SC
2017-04-27 BFIs not to increase lending until govt ups spending
2017-04-27 Private sector investment: Investment in fixed capital assets up 41.6pc
2017-04-27 Upcoming local elections: Major parties agree to put budget on hold
2017-04-26 CBS predicts economy to grow 6.94 pc, highest since 1993/94
2017-04-26 First banking expo from April 28
2017-04-25 13th International Industrial Trade Expo concludes
2017-04-25 Over Rs 7b collected in infrastructure fund
2017-04-25 Private sector seeks production sector-friendly tax policies
2017-04-25 Insurers settle 78pc of claim amount
2017-04-24 Consensus on election gives stock market a shot in the arm
2017-04-23 IMF urges Nepal to orient fiscal policy toward facilitating quick spending on reconstruction
2017-04-23 Registration of personal vehicles falls as banks tighten lending
2017-04-23 Political uncertainty weighs on Nepse index
2017-04-23 Precious metals fairly stable
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