News & Updates

2017-01-19 Trade deficit balloons to Rs352b in first 5 months
2017-01-18 Central bank asks whether liquidity crunch is real
2017-01-17 Higher credit flow to risky areas raises NRB’s eyebrows
2017-01-15 Nepse up, but turnover falls as investors flock to primary market
2017-01-15 Nepse ends week 1.76pc higher
2017-01-15 Nepse posts Rs115b turnover in first half
2017-01-15 How acute is the liquidity crunch?
2017-01-12 NRB caps microfinance lending rates at 18 percent
2017-01-11 Govt promises 17 percent returns on equity investment
2017-01-11 Hydropower investment portal launched
2017-01-11 Bill related to bank and financial institutions endorsed
2017-01-11 House passes BAFIA, with two four-year term limits for CEOs, chairmen
2017-01-08 Rs 20b repo meant to ease liquidity crunch gets lukewarm response
2017-01-08 Governor Nepal urges BFIs to be service-oriented
2017-01-08 Secondary market welcomes 2017 in positive territory
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