News & Updates

2017-04-24 Consensus on election gives stock market a shot in the arm
2017-04-23 IMF urges Nepal to orient fiscal policy toward facilitating quick spending on reconstruction
2017-04-23 Registration of personal vehicles falls as banks tighten lending
2017-04-23 Political uncertainty weighs on Nepse index
2017-04-23 Precious metals fairly stable
2017-04-23 Nepal 13th Int’l Trade Fair off to a roaring start
2017-04-21 Diplomats vow to promote Nepal as investment destination
2017-04-21 Industry Ministry unveils plan to create job opportunity for one million in a decade
2017-04-20 Govt to frame draft of new economic policy by May
2017-04-20 Govt exceed Q3 revenue collection target
2017-04-20 CNI concerned at lending rate hike
2017-04-20 Election uncertainty makes stock market volatile
2017-04-19 Suspicious transactions: Reporting entities more vigilant
2017-04-19 Bizmen told to use banking channels
2017-04-19 NEPSE suffers double-digit fall
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